Who we are


               AdVisio Turism is a company based in Baia Mare, northwestern Romania, owning license #7231 issued by the Romanian National Tourism Authority. 

                We focus on Private, Tailor Made, Guided Tours, Active Travel, Slow Travel, Rural Team Building, Special Events, Thematic Tours, especially in Maramureș, Bukovina and Transylvania, but also in other parts of Romania.

               Our team of certified guides and travel agents  know the insider ways to help you get the real sense of these places and plan an amazing trip for you.

With us you will discover the real Romania.

               We are pretty sure that what you want is an authentic experience: getting to know the people, eating great food, tasting the local drinks, peeking in  households in the villages of Maramures or Bukovina or experiencing the splendor of the fortresses and the great castels of Tranylvania or maybe discover the way wooden churches were built hundreds of years ago or learn about old and wonderful traditions.

             Be confident that the tours we are offering are not fast races through the country, but a proper way to immerse yourself in the life of the places you’re visiting.

                We believe in providing a journey that works for you, a journey in which every tiny detail matters and is well-thought about.


Alexandra Lazar – Certified Guide, Travel Consultant/Manager Advisio Turism

Cornelia Lupşa – Certified Guide, Travel Consultant Advisio Turism

Karin Lachner – Certified Guide, passionate about photography, partner of Advisio Turism

Georgeta Iuga – Certified Guide, partner of Advisio Turism

Alina Marincean – Certified Guide, partner of Advisio Turism

Daniel Roşca – Certified Guide, partner of Advisio Turism

Rada Pavel – Certified Guide, partner of Advisio Turism

We are enthusiastic and open minded. We like to share our knowledge and we are happy because we also have the chance to learn from every person we guide. This is why we never get bored and most important, we love our job!

Our team is completed by enthusiastic partners that can offer you the well deserved excursion.

Please visit our Tourists Reviews page to see what tourists say about us.

Your Authentic Experience starts with AdVisio Turism!

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